3 Things the Design of an Ad Agency Can Tell You

3 Things the Design of an Ad Agency Can Tell You

The design of an office can tell you a lot about a company. This holds even more weight for an ad agency, a place where creativity and collaboration are typically forefront. The floor plan, lighting and furniture speak volumes and become much more important because of the number of clients coming in and out all day. But all design is not created equal – there are some agencies I’ve walked into that sent a shiver down my back.

Take the new offices of Wieden + Kennedy, the firm known for their work with Nike, for example. They’ve recently updated their design in a way that is practical, fun, gorgeous and most importantly functional. From the moment you walk in, you can see what and who they value. Here are three things you’ll know instantly.

What the design of an advertising agency can tell you

  1. The Value of Their Employees

Wieden + Kennedy added a beautiful, round walnut staircase to connect two floors right in the middle of its office space. Not only is it a gorgeous, interesting design. It also functions as an informal space for employees to come together for general office announcements, socialize or work on projects. You get the sense they care deeply about their employees’ day-today comfort, ease of access and movement and over all well-being.

  1. How They Approach Their Work

If you’ve put a huge walnut staircase in the middle of floor, you can believe you are open to change and are proactive.

These new offices also have tons of space for smaller, intimate meetings and large meetings as well as formal and informal work spaces to talk things out on a whim. This says they believe in work and play but sometimes you have to get down to business. There is a respect for tradition and an openness to risk and change.

  1. Are They Welcoming

If you walk into a place and there is little room for you to sit, you are not welcome. With chairs and couches all over the space, glass walls and comfortable furniture everywhere, Wieden + Kennedy lets you know they want you to kick back and stay for a while.

If you’re deciding what agency to work for or deciding who to give your business to, take notice of your surroundings. They can tell much more than you think.

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