About Me

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I’m Steff Baker. Pleased to meet you. I’m an ex-agency professional turned photo stylist, with a focus on food styling and photography. Creating beautiful images for others’ eyes to consume has always been my thing.

I hail from the suburbs of Detroit. I’m a huge White Sox fan because my mom is from Chicago. This seemingly small detail caused far more problems for my family than I’m willing to admit. I attended school on the east coast before moving to NYC to work in fashion, marketing, PR and advertising for 10 years.

My ad agency time was hectic, stressful and a lot of fun! You get very close to clients and it was easy to drink the Kool-Aid, if you know what I mean. I’ll try not to get too much more into it, but like any job there are pros and cons. For me, the cons outweighed the pros. NYC has to be one of my favorite cities and it always will be but the prices are too high and there are too many distractions. I lost sight of my priorities for a time.

I now live in Texas as I refuse to ever see snow again, unless it’s on TV. If it finds me here, I have no idea what I’m going to do.


What is PBDSF and why does it exist?


There are a couple of reasons I started PBDSF.

You already know that I believe the industry should be held a bit more accountable. You also know I have a soft spot for the industry.

The main reason I started this blog is because I truly think what ad agencies do is amazing. At the same time, advertising just was not and never will be something I’m completely comfortable with as a job. This blog is the only way I can interact with it in a way that feels true to me. Parts of my job felt wrong, like I was choosing money over people. Businesses are not people, and somewhere in my working life, I forgot that. This is my apology.

All advertising isn’t bad but it certainly isn’t all good or created to the benefit the masses. No industry is perfect and I aim to provide a deep, fair look into this one.

Of course, I still offer my creative advertising services (which you can find out more about by requesting a quote) — but I now have a wonderful team who make my life a lot easier. They say you should always have a team consisting of members who are smarter than you, and this is most definitely the case with mine.

My experience in the advertising agency industry has taught me a lot of things, and I’ve used all the lessons I’ve learned in order to create PBDSF: what I believe strongly to be the #1 creative advertising agency. A pretty bold claim, I know. But we are more than ready to back it up.