Our Story

If you’ve found this site, you either love advertising, hate it or maybe you’re doing a report about it. But one thing is for sure: you’re at the right place.

No matter, all are welcome as I try my hand at writing interesting, semi-informative things about the ad agency industry. Although we do offer our creative advertising services for sale, my primary objective with this site isn’t to try and get maximum sales, but rather to spread maximum knowledge.

I’ve never been easily swayed by hilarious Super Bowl commercials or beautiful celebrities telling me to drink Pepsi (in other words, my brand loyalty has never been for sale). This could have something to do with the fact that I’ve always been a naturally skeptical and curious since childhood – I knew something was amiss when I only wanted popcorn at the movie theater for some reason. It could also be because I worked in advertising, at an agency, for far too long.

It took me long enough, but I finally started my own creative advertising agency: PBDSF.

Though advertising has had a minimal effect on me, there is no denying its ability to change the world. And that’s why I set up this agency.

I may not spend my money on the latest product being sold to me, but I sure do buy into what they are selling emotionally. Commercials have made me cry and introduced me to new music. I can get lost in the Vogue adverts and though I’d never buy Old Spice, riding a horse backwards has made its way onto my bucket list.

If you love all things ad agency, go ahead and visit our Blog where we will have fun dissecting what’s going on in an industry that moves so fast. For those of you who are looking to make a change into this industry, or currently work in it, you’ll get some behind the scenes information about what is really going on.

So here’s the deal. I promise to talk about the good and the bad. I won’t just blog about the beautiful images and impactful conversations advertising has started, but also about the Photoshop debacles, the lack of transparency in agency business practices leading to audits and inquiries, the eroding credibility between agencies and brands and everything else in between. I am digging deep, because an industry with this much power should have to be accountable and responsible for the way it wields that power.

And if you’d like to request a free quote and receive some information about our services and how we can help, click here. Our team are ready and waiting to serve your business!

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